Guangrong Elementary School was established in 1975 at Sanchong District of New Taipei City.The school is close to the Tamsui River ,the most important river of the northern Taiwan. Sanchong, one of the most populated areas in Taiwan, is conveniently connected with Taipei City by nine bridges.

We offer 24 elementary level classes and 4 kindergarten level classes; additionally, we also offer three special education classes.  There are close to 600 students and 70 teachers/ staffs at our school.

We offer various courses in sports, arts, and literatures to nurture our students be versatile. We are proud to see our outstanding students winning numerous awards in different disciplines.

In addition, Guangrong Elementary School is famous for its tennis education. Over the past years, we’ve trained many outstanding tennis players who win numerous trophies in tennis competition.

School choir and band are the most favorite clubs at Guangrong Elementary School.Students not only enjoy the joy of music but also are fully recognized for their excellent performance and applauded by their parents.

Overall, Literature and Sports are two main pillars of our curriculum. We emphasize the importance of learning to be “independent” and developing physical and mental health with the help of technology. In addition, the personality development is our core training. Our goal is to develop our students become a warm and independent citizen with character and quality.