The Development Policy of School

Although the school is located near the urban area, with convenient transportation, the number of single-parent or alternate-generation upbringing families,
 new-resident families, andlow-income families has gradually increased as a result of the changes in social life patterns, which  has led to the increase of 
related education problems, but the community resources have been relatively reduced. In order to make a breakthrough n the increasingly arduousi school 
environment, on the one hand, it is necessary to continue and carry orward the variousf activities which have accumulated brilliant achievements in the past.
On the other hand, we should conform to the changing trend of the times, put forward new ideas and practices, and adjust the response flexibly at any time. 
In order to ensure future development, the following policies are specially formulated for the development of school affairs:
I. The concept of all aspect’s education.
2. Reflections on student-centered.
3. Positive campus culture and free and open school style.
4. Systematic integration and innovative development of the school curriculum.
5. Multivariate and active teaching activities.
6. Comprehensive review and improvement of campus environmental facilities.
7. Care for and respect for multivariate values.
8. Construction of ecologically sustainable campus.
9. Active and efficient administrative support.
10. Close cooperation between schools, parents, and communities.