Focus of School Development

Key Work Points of the Educational Administration Department:

1. Implement the measures of normalization of teaching, arrange the schedule reasonably, arrange classes regularly and arrange classes according to teachers' expertise and interests.
2. Implementing the sense of achievement teaching, giving full play to the spirit of teaching in accordance with one's aptitude, and bringing every student up.
3. Establishing and perfecting the teaching support system and improving the teaching quality--setting up specialized classrooms and enriching teaching equipment.     
4. We should promote multi-evaluation of teaching, adapt to students'individual differences and stimulate their learning potential-setting up proposition groups, establishing excellent question banks, encouraging students to make self-comparison and self-improvement.
5. Strengthen teaching guidance, actively serve contacts and improve teaching efficiency.
6. Enrich supplementary textbooks and expand students' horizon.
7. Strengthen the management of library utilization, audio-visual education, and cultivate students’ active learning spirit - class cabinet, itinerant library and classroom audio-visual facility.
8. Conduct teachers' continuing education, enhance teachers' professional knowledge and ability and establish teachers' professional image - promoting school-based continuing education, organizing learning-oriented organizations and teaching research associations of various subjects.
9. Expanding students' learning horizon so as to adapt to the future life-planning computer  teaching, English teaching and cultivating an international outlook.

The focus of the work of the Academic Department:           

1. Actively develop multiple associations and implement the policy goal of "one skill for each student".           
2. Shaping a safe learning environment and improving students' learning efficiency. 
3. Strengthen physical activity to achieve the educational goal of "halving body weight and doubling physical strength".
4. We should attach importance to moral education and guide the development of students as a proper citizen.
5. Develop good hygienic habit and healthy students.
6. Pay attention to environmental protection education and activities, and firmly achieve the ideal of environmental protection and living.
7. Promote a friendly campus and create a good and simple learning atmosphere.

Key Work Points of the Counseling Department:           

I. General work:        
(1) Establishment of archives: Establishment and collection of complete data for effective information services and assistance of teachers and students.   

(2) Life counseling: using objective evaluation, questionnaires, tests and other methods, statistical analysis of the results of the evaluation, counseling students to correctly understand themselves, understand their sexual orientation, interests, and abilities, adapt to the development and cultivate students self-responsibility, ability to solve life problems.
(3) Parental education: conducting activities such as lectures on parental education, parents’ day and family visit, strengthening communication and cooperation between parents and teachers, cultivating students' correct concept of kinship, improving parental effectiveness, and replacing preaching and punishment with care and encouragement.
(4) Gender education: counseling students on correct gender role identification and understanding of correct physiological knowledge, and then learning the correct way to get along with both sexes. 
(5) Life education: to help students understand the meaning and value of life, learn to respect others and love themselves.
(6) Counseling for maladjusted students: Diagnosing and correcting their behavior to improve their ability to adapt to society, encouraging them to take advantage of leisure time and engage in proper recreational activities, so as to promote their physical and mental development.
(7) Remedial teaching: counseling for disadvantaged students and course counseling for low achievement students
(8) New resident education: census all kinds of new resident children and conduct growth courses for parents and students. 
(9) Occasional incidents: cooperate with the Academic Department to conduct psychological and behavioral counseling or reconstruction according to the nature of the incidents.
(10) Friendly campus: cooperate with the Academic Department to promote a friendly campus environment and provide a safe and secure space for students.

II. Special Work           

(1) Distribution of counseling publications - Parents' Guide. 
(2) Providing information and counseling on various aspects of education, life, and study.         

(3) Promoting resource education and remedial teaching.
(4) Implementing the participation of all teachers in counseling work, expanding the counseling function and implementing the auxiliary recognition function.
(5) Career counseling system should be implemented to understand students' adaptation to higher education after graduation.
(6) Conduct small group counseling.
(7) Promoting the volunteer system and conducting volunteer workshops.
(8) Conduct teacher counseling professional learning-oriented organizational research activities.
(9) Equipment supplement and application of special education classes

Key Work of Administrative Office - Establishing a High-Quality Teaching Environment and Creating a Happy Learning Atmosphere           

1. Solving the problem of old buildings and improving the efficiency of classroom use   
(1) Build inclined roof facilities on the top floor of Guanghua and Guangxing buildings to solve the problem of water leakage and provide good classroom space for teachers and students.
(2) Maintaining the side walls of the Guangfu building to solve the problem of water leaking in the inner walls of the classroom so as to improve the efficiency of classroom use.
(3) Repainting the classrooms to beautify the learning environment.
(4) Adding drainage ditches in front of buildings to improve the efficiency of water discharge and avoid rainstorms damage.
(5) To solve the termite problem of buildings and improve the service life of wooden appliances.

2. Adding and updating basic facilities to meet the needs of teachers and students 
(1) Renewal of drinking water facilities on campus to meet the basic needs of teachers and students.
(2) Improve the broadcasting system in schools and improve broadcasting quality.
(3) Updating the telephone system to enhance the effectiveness of intramural communication.
(4) Installation of energy-saving equipment to reduce power consumption.
(5) Rebuilding audio-visual classrooms and adding multi-functional teaching space to activate teaching effectiveness. 
(6) Renewal of tennis court pavement, solve the problem of roof leaking, increase teaching activity space.
(7) Renovate stairwells and old furnishings, plan multi-use modes and activate the efficiency of space use.            
(8)Re-planning the library and creating a friendly reading environment.  

3. Adding various teaching equipment to stimulate diversified teaching methods   
(1) Installation of LCD projection equipment in the classroom, implement the promotion of information integration into teaching.       
(2) Continuous updating of classroom computers to ensure a smooth connection of teaching information.
(3)Continuously add various software and hardware teaching facilities to meet the needs of teachers and students in teaching and learning.

4. Establishing a campus security network to create a safe learning environment.
(1) Updating the campus monitoring and alarm system to ensure the safety of the campus environment. 
(2)Renewing the iron gates and improving the efficiency of security management.           

School characteristics