Office Of Academic Affairs

Director of Academic Affairs
Director of Academic Affairs Mr. Xin-Hung Lin
Tel:+88622693-0392 Ext. 100
Job description
Draft plans for academic affairs, calendars and regulations
Design curricular
Upgrade information related facilities
Arrange and assign administrative posts, grades and subjects of each teacher
Plan the exhibition of teaching and learning results for each curriculum field

Curriculum Section 
 Chief of Curriculum Section, Mr. Zheng-Xian Lu
Tel:+88622693-0392 Ext. 101
Job description

Arrange school class schedules

Execute after school programs

Prepare for regular assessments
Conduct spot check for students assignments
Conduct students ability tests


Registered Section

Chief of Registered Section, Ms. Xue-Yu Chen
Tel:+88622693-0392 Ext. 103

Job Description:
Handle students financial aid
Handle inbound and outbound transferred students
Record students transcripts
Manage student personal information records
Handle file transfer for middle school student and file archive for graduates.


Curriculum Development Section

Chief of Curriculum Development Section,  Ms. Zeng-Pei Chi
Tel:+88622693-0392 Ext. 102

Job Description:
Plan for the development and implementation of school curricular

Handle teacher advanced training programs

Handle school evaluation related issues

Compile supplemental teaching materials and teaching files

Publish school newsletters


Information Technology Section

Chief of Information Technology Section, Ms. Yen-Ling Liu
Tel:+88622693-0392 Ext. 104

Job Description
Construct campus internet network

Establish instruction menus for information equipment
Maintain web pages, equipment and information safety

Promote education of information technology
Conduct professional advancement teacher training programs on information technology